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Expertly-curated audio packages.

Building your vinyl set-up shouldn't be stressful. Skip straight to the fun part with our curated audio packages. Our six audio packages have something for everyone, learn more below.

Expertly curated audio packages take the guess work out of building your system. We've paired speakers, amps and turntables so that you don't have to, and include everything you need, down to the cables. Browse below and chose from two categories: Powered or Component, and three tiers: Essential, Preferred, and Elite.

powered or component?


For the minimalist. Don’t be fooled by their simplicity, these systems provide state of the art technology and performance in a small footprint.

Best option if you are looking for…

  • Extremely high quality sound in a small package
  • Integrated wireless connectivity
  • Simple setup with less visual clutter and fewer exposed cables


For the traditionalist. Our component packages feature all of the elements of a traditional hifi setup: speakers, amplifier and turntable and satisfy a broad range of users from entry level to experienced audiophile.

Best if you are looking for…

  • Individual components that can be upgraded
  • Multiple wired input options for additional sources
  • A more traditional hi-fi setup

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