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We take great pride in sourcing the best materials available. We work closely with our suppliers to identify the highest quality, ethically harvested, and sustainable materials around.

We’ve identified materials whose physical properties lend themselves to each specific application within our product line, and appeal to a wide range of aesthetics - from satin white lacquer on solid Maple, to rich, natural Walnut. Learn more below.

Solid Wood


Walnut is among the most iconic, classic, and timeless furniture materials. It starts out as a dark-chocolate brown and beautifully ages over time to lighter, honey-color. Natural variations in grain and tone should be expected with Walnut.


Ash is a durable, timeless, and modern hardwood with sweeping, varied grain patterns that brings true character to your home. New ash starts as a pale cream and beautifully ages to darker straw-tan over time. Ash’s grain shines through the variety of stains and lacquers we offer on this material.


Oak is both classic, and modern. Extremely durable and versatile; new oak starts as a light brown and beautifully ages to deeper amber over time. We use Oak for our Dovetail Record Crates, and hand select boards that have exceptional character.


Maple is an extremely durable wood with a very fine grain pattern which lends itself to our solid lacquer finishes. Maple allows us to achieve a totally smooth lacquer finish in a variety of colors without wood-grain shining through.


17-ply Baltic Birch

Our premium Baltic Birch ply is composed of 17 layers of solid Birch veneer; cross-banded, and laminated with exterior grade adhesive with a void-free core. The birch are veneers sourced from northeast European forests bordering the Baltic Sea that gives this material its name. We use Baltic Birch for its fantastic structural and acoustic properties.



Glacier White
A smooth white finish with little to no visible wood grain.
Slate Gray
A neutral gray with little to no visible wood grain.
Jet Black
A rich black finish with little to no visible wood grain.


Glacier White
Smooth white finish with some visible wood grain.
Slate Gray
Neutral gray with some visible wood grain.
Jet Black
Rich black finish with some visible wood grain.
Light-wash natural finish with visible wood grain.
Natural Ash with a low-sheen topcoat
Slightly darker and richer than Natural Ash
Dark brown, almost-black stain


Natural Walnut
Natural walnut with a low-sheen topcoat


Rustic Oak
Natural oak with a low-sheen topcoat

For information on material care, please visit our Product Care page.

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