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Italian-made hi-fi listening machines

We are incredibly honored to be able to offer Brionvega’s collection of iconic, Italian-made hi-fi and radio products. These designs have inspired us here at Symbol for many years, and we’re thrilled to share them with you as one of the first Brionvega distributors in the United States.

Brionvega has crafted Italian-made hi-fi and electronics in Milan, Italy for over 70 years. Now for the first time, their iconic line of hi-fi products have been re-released and re-engineered to include modern technologies like Bluetooth, and vastly improved sound quality for a modern listening experience.


from $15,000


from $20,000


from $600
Iconic Italian design
Brionvega’s designs are regarded as a benchmark in post-war Italian product design.
Hand-made in Italy
The Totem and Rediofonografo are hand-made in Italy at Brionvega’s factory outside Venice.
Modern features
Brionvega’s entire collection has been re-imagined and re-engineered to feature new technology for modern listening, and higher-end acoustics for audiophile-grade sound.

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