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Two people sitting in a mid-century home in the woods with USM x Symbol furniture

USM x Symbol

USM x Symbol

At Symbol, our focus is on design that goes beyond solutions, to provide furniture that creates experiences worth having and keeping. To this end, we've partnered with the iconic modular furniture company, USM, to create a capsule of products uniquely focused on vinyl and audio storage. Designed in New York, manufactured in Switzerland.

In Harmony

USM's products have been utilized for audio and vinyl storage for decades. Now for the first time, in collaboration with Symbol, a dedicated collection of USM products tailored specifically to this category is available.

Nyack, NY
Symbol has been designing audio & vinyl storage solutions outside New York City since 2012.
Münsingen, Switzerland
USM has been based in Münsingen, a town near Bern, Switzerland since the company’s inception in 1885.


USM's work to reduce the environmental impact of their products has been rewarded with the prestigious Greenguard certification for low chemical and particle emissions.
Care and craft
Every piece of USM's modular furniture system is manufactured at their state-of-the-art factory in Switzerland
A Swiss classic
Renowned Swiss architect Fritz Haller designed the USM system in the mid-1960s, originally intended only for internal use at the USM HQ, a patent was granted in 1965 for the system’s unique ball joint, and mass production began a few years later.
Modular components
The USM system is designed to grow and evolve as your needs change.

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